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Topsy Turvy

10 September
I'm growing older, but not up (growing out has not been ruled out).
My kids (in chron order): Spawn, Ender, Mongoose, Hatchet, Lam, and Boo.
Myntax, Pappoon R, Greg, RJ, Travis and Faire Maid are my "adopted" children. More family may be added without notice cause life's just more fun that way.
If you want to know others, ask or email, but those are the basics.

Susan Polis Schutz:
This life is yours. Take the power to choose what you want to do and do it well. Take the power to love what you want in life and love it honestly. Take the power to walk in the forest and be a part of nature. Take the power to control your own life. No one else can do it for you. Take the power to make your life happy.
6 feet under, amg! b-52s, anglophile, ballroom dancing, ben folds, bison/buffalo, blues (music and colour), boffer, borguereau, buddhist, cheesehead, costuming, dead like me, djembes/drums, duran duran, faerie tales, fiction, filking (especially tom smith's), firefly, flamenco, ggmartin, gilbert&sullivan, gir (i'm advanced), girl genius, gráinne ni mháille, jbutcher, jimmy buffett, kyrf, letterboxing, lkhamilton, llamas, marvel comics, mccaffrey, mckillip, mckinley, miyazaki, mlackey, mysteries, njones, penguins, pirates, princess bride, puns, renaissance faires, sca, scifi cons, sewing, shakespeare, shayara, snape! star trek, troma, wenches union, winnie ther pooh, wisconsin! walkabouts